Thursday, June 24, 2010

we break the ALAM tradition!

i was thinking that, instinct of using tags as a indication of participants for ALA@M 2010,why not we break the tradition by changed it to silicone wristband??i think the price could be more cheaper, and atleast there is something different about this coming AL@M 2010 and it kinda cool!

for those who never seen the wristband...this is rite??
and there will be "Theres No Place Like HOME@UPM" wording engrave on that wristband.


  1. urmm...cntik! unik! best..ley gak...suke2..

    lagipun asyik pakai tali kt leher je boring plak..hehe

    buat kelainan tboleh tapi kene la berjaya!..hehe

  2. haha..insyallah berjaya...
    thx 4 the feedback...