Sunday, August 22, 2010

ALAM 2010 Official Poster

Alam 2010 will be officially held on 13rd - 17th December 2010 and will be host by University Putra Malaysia, with the theme of There`s No Place Like HOME
. This annual program will be participate by International Islamic University Malaysia ( IIUM ), Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), IKBN Chembung, IKBN Bachok, IKBN Kuala Perlis, IKBN Dusun, IKM Sik, Kedah,
Kolej Komuniti Selendar and Kolej Komuniti Masjid Tanah.

Some of the programs along ALAM 2010

Here In My HOME (ice breaking & self expression)
There`s No Place Like HOME Grand Opening
Voice of The World ( landscape architecture talkshow)
Burn The Kitchen ( BBQ Night )
Through My Window (design workshop)
"I Can See.."(design workshop 2)
Human of Mother Earth ( performance night)
Environmental Awareness and Charity
SherlockHOME (explorace)
The Authentic Vintage Night ( dinner )

Delegates meeting will be held on 28th August 2010 from
2pm - 4pm
vanue : Biik Seminar Fakulti Rekabentuk & Senibina UPM

Black Version
White Version

Thursday, June 24, 2010

we break the ALAM tradition!

i was thinking that, instinct of using tags as a indication of participants for ALA@M 2010,why not we break the tradition by changed it to silicone wristband??i think the price could be more cheaper, and atleast there is something different about this coming AL@M 2010 and it kinda cool!

for those who never seen the wristband...this is rite??
and there will be "Theres No Place Like HOME@UPM" wording engrave on that wristband.

AL@M 2010 Theme Song

Layannzzzz.......versi original..nantikan versi AL@M 2010 di malam perasmian
Theres No Place Like HOME@UPM

Article from ILAM Megazine

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Place Called Home

To : Everyone that believe in the ‘we can make this world a better place – a place called home.’’

Hi Everyone! This is a short writing to share my opinion about the relationship between us, the human and the world, the earth. I really hope that you all can spend a few minutes on this writing. ;-)

We, human, most of the time, will think we are the greatest creatures among the others. Is it?

Homo sapiens (the wise one) is an animal (superior type, we commonly assume, although neither history nor close observation altogether support this assumption). A human standing in the forest, with bare skin, weak teeth, thin arms, and knobby knees, would not impressive among the other creatures. As an animal, the bear with powerful jaws and raking claws would clearly seem superior. Even turtle seems more cunningly contrived for both protection and attack, as do the dogs and the cats. All creatures of nature seem superbly equipped for living their lives in their natural habitat and for meeting normal situations. ALL EXCEPT HUMAN.

Lacking speed, strength, and other apparent natural attributes, we human have long since learned that we can best attack a situation with our minds. But the truth is, we have little choice.

Our essential strength-the very reason for our survival and the key to all future achievement is out thinking. We have in fact, inherited the Earth. Surely, we, with our twinkling minds, should by now have created for ourselves a paradise upon this Earth.

Have we? What exactly we have done?

We built the city, and we trap in it. We are the victims of our own great architecture. We trapped, body and soul. We so absorbed with the new technology and materials that neglected our human needs. We divorced from our natural habitats. When is the last time you really feel glow and exuberance of being healthy animals and feeling fully alive?

We abuse the land (world) because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. The world, where we thought we are the conqueror, emperor, commander, the queen and the king! We make the technologies and the machineries as our slave. Yet, we are the slave to our slave! We have too much depending on them. When we at the place, where there is no cell phone connection, internet or refrigerator, we are the freeman!

We keep pushing our pace, our period, our present forward. Yet, we are falling. Falls of the emotion, falls of the ethic, fall of the integrity. We have learned to unleash the unthinkable mass power contained within the atoms. Now we have to pause and turn back to learn the means by which to control it, to control it from another war, another catastrophe.

We may think that, our little actions will be meaningless – recycle the small can is useless, tuning off the unused electric components is nothing or walking instead of driving is nonsense. THEN, YOUR ARE WRONG!!! If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. For every little tiny action, count!!

Yes, there is no place like home, by saying that, it is not tangible, not physical, imaginary, it is the attachment, the place where we feel intimate.

This email is about how we as a human being can play our roles to make this world a better place, the place that belong to us. At the end of this year, UPM will be hosting an annual gathering for all Landscape Architect students with the theme There's No Place Like HOME. This is the time we as a new generation of LA shows our concern about this issue. So to all participants, lets make this happen!!!

ALAM 2010 Highest Council

These are the part of ALAM 2010 highest council organizations.

If there any inquiries regarding ALAM 2010, do not hesitate to contact anyone from this list.


Dr Yazid bin Mohd Yunos

019 3568855


Mohamad Aliff B. Bakar

012 7117621

Timbalan Pengarah 1

Syamim Azhari

012 2415625

Timbalan Pengarah 2

Mohd Noor Zulkaramy B. Ishak

017 5362158

Setiausaha 1

Esther Khoor Soong Huei

017 6235693

Setiausaha 2

Nurul Nadiah Bt Mohamad

019 2630703

Bendahari 1

Siti Zaleha

014 8269404

Bendahari 2

Saravanan a/l Lingeswaran

017 2400026

Ketua Eksekutif Aktiviti

Loh Gim Hin

016 4948028

Ketua Eksekutif Penajaan

Lim Khim Joe

016 4343021

Ketua Eksekutif Makanan

Siti Hajar Bt Baharuddin

017 2244592

Ketua Eksekutif Penginapan

Raudhah Bt Hilaluddin

019 3717515

Ketua Eksekutif Pengangkutan

Idris B Mohd Muslim

017 5749719

Ketua Eksekutif Multimedia

Mohd Syukri B Yusof

012 9382847 / 019 202714

Ketua Eksekutif Teknikal

Ahmad Izuan Abdullah

017 2450745

Ketua Eksekutif Protokol

Nadia Saiful Bahari

017 3787139

Ketua Eksekutif Cenderamata

Nor Juliana Abdul Aziz

017 7920369

Ketua Eksekutif Logistik

Mohamad Afiq B Mohamed Anuar

019 9760399

Ketua Eksekutif Publisiti

Nik Azwati Bt Nik Mustapa

012 9868514

Ketua Eksekutif Pendaftaran & Lokasi

Nor Atikah Bt Hasamuddin

017 7397633

Ketua Eksekutif Dekorasi

Yuen Shang Zhi

017 2990408

Coming soon this year

This year, Universiti Putra Malaysia ( UPM ) will be the host for Landscape Architecture students Malaysia annual gathering, A.L.A.M 2010 with the theme There`s No Place Like HOME. This blog was created to updates the readers about ALAM 2010 and also as a medium of communication between the organizer and the participants.

Hope you all enjoy it…:)